Published January 2, 2024

Is it Worth Paying for the Exclusive WordPress Themes?

Is it Worth Paying for the Exclusive WordPress Themes?

Exclusive WordPress themes can be convenient and worthy in several cases. From exclusive features to technical assistance, these themes provide a more effortless and smoother way to develop the website. 

Paying for any premium WordPress theme does not mean paying only for the theme. Besides, it also means paying for a whole virtual team that continuously works to improve your website. Nevertheless, these themes are feature-rich, efficient, mobile responsive, search engine optimized, and many more, which a free theme might not be.

What do Exclusive WordPress themes mean?

If you use WordPress CMS to develop a website, you must select a theme first. These themes act as the base of your website, which can be modified, customized, and used to design a website of your preference. While selecting the theme for your development journey with WordPress, you will have two types of themes.

Free WordPress themes

These are the themes that you can use without much expenditure. All you need to do is get a domain for your website, host it using a WordPress host like Bluehost or Hostinger, install the free WordPress themes, and start with the web development.
Although it may seem too easy and convenient to get started with the free themes, these themes have a lot of limitations and need more assistance. If you are planning to build a website for a portfolio or a website to showcase that you exist online, these themes are more than enough. However, if you plan to succeed online and drive more and more traffic to your website, keep track of your stats, and get a featureful and customizable website that most people love, we recommend you use another type of theme.

Premium WordPress themes

These are the themes that require users to spend some money before they get started with website development. Users need to purchase the theme separately and incorporate it into their WordPress panel to use these exclusive WordPress themes. That sounds hectic, and a longer process to do, but several advantages and features are unavailable or, in some cases, limited to the free WordPress themes.

Advantages of Exclusive WordPress themes over Free WordPress themes

Advantages of Premium WordPress themes

People regularly surf the internet and go through several websites every day. Most visitors stay on the website with a better user experience, smoother User Interface, better quality, and lower load time. These are some significant advantages of exclusive WordPress themes over free ones.
Didn’t understand? You will after you read the content below as here are a few of the best advantages of the premium WordPress themes:

Enhanced UI/UX

Whom should your website make happy? Whom should it satisfy? The visitors, of course! How can a website make visitors keep surfing on it? It’s UI/UX, of course!
Premium versions of WordPress themes are highly focused on better and enhanced user interfaces and user experiences. This encourage visitors to stay on your website and return whenever they need any services you provide. This feature might only be available in some of the free themes. Therefore, it’s better to use the exclusive WordPress theme.

Updates on Regular Basis

Dedicated developers develop Premium WordPress themes. In most cases, themes are also the primary source of revenue for different companies. So, to ensure that potential clients love their themes and refer them to more people, the theme developers constantly try to update them and make them even better and featureful. As a result, most exclusive WordPress themes are updated regularly.

Support and Acknowledgement of Suggestions

If you opt for the premium WordPress themes, one of the best advantages they give you is the technical support from the team. A team is dedicated to listening to the client’s issues and forwarding those issues to the developers. Once developers know about those issues, they will solve them immediately. Moreover, you can also get free consultation services in some themes like the Emprise tour booking WordPress theme

All these support and suggestion acknowledgments are barely found or absent in the free themes. 

Page Builder Compatibility

The premium or exclusive WordPress themes are compatible with different page builder tools. Page builder tools are the tools that help users design and customize any pages of the website as per their preferences. Elementor is one of the widely used and preferred page builder tools.
With exclusive WordPress themes, you can access more and more options from the page builders, whereas the free versions might need to be compatible with many page builder tools. Moreover, premium themes also come with several pre-built blocks and templates, which can be better modified and customized using page builder tools.

Optimized Performance

The WordPress themes you pay for can also help you with Search Engine Optimization as the developers of the premium themes work on optimizing the theme frequently. Besides, the images, media files, content, etc, available in the exclusive themes are also perfectly optimized to provide users with less page load speed and higher performance.

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Are Exclusive WordPress Themes Too Expensive?

The more features there are, the higher the price goes. It entirely depends upon the user to decide whether any exclusive themes are expensive or not. That’s because several factors affect the pricing of the top-notch themes in WordPress. Some of those factors are listed below:

Features and Functionality

A significant factor affecting the pricing of any WordPress theme is the features and functionality they offer. Themes with pre-built features and functionalities might cost more than those with limited features and functionality. For example, if you look into the Emprise travel booking theme, it costs $69. Still, to justify that cost, this tour booking WordPress theme comes with map integration, tour listing from the front end, a footer for Search Engine Optimization, and many other features dedicated to tour operators.

Reputation of the Developers

Sometimes, the brand’s reputation that developed the themes can also impact the pricing of the themes. If some reputed or well-known companies create the themes, they can cost comparatively more. However, the features and functionalities these developers put into any themes they develop are also undeniably outstanding. It’s like buying shoes from Nike or Adidas because their quality justifies the price tag.

Licensing Variations in Exclusive WordPress themes

Most of the top-notch themes in WordPress come with different licensing options, like single sites and multiple sites. If you check the pricing modules of those themes, you can notice that they start with the lowest price and end at the highest price. That’s because the cheapest one has limited licensing, and the expensive one might have variations in licensing.

Support from the developer's team

Another reason why any WordPress theme might cost more is because of the support the users receive from the developer’s team. For example, some WordPress themes include an option to get a 30-minute or 1-hour consultation with the developers if you need clarification while using the theme. Moreover, some theme developers also offer web development services. Here, you can subscribe to the exclusive theme, and the developers will do the rest of the work.

Uniqueness in Designs

If you check the free themes, you will notice that a lot of themes are similar to each other. Moreover, the customization options are also minimal, leading to roughly designed websites. However, in the case of exclusive themes, creativity stands first. Creative designers do a lot to make sure that the themes are unique and that users get a different experience while developing their websites with these themes.

One thing that you must understand is that when the quality goes up, pricing also goes up. So, exclusive top-notch themes in WordPress are not very expensive if you check out the compatibility, efficiency, features, and uniqueness they provide. Regarding the pricing, the exclusive WordPress themes typically can cost anywhere between $30 to $70. However, some themes might have a $100+ price tag.

Key Takeaways

  1. Exclusive WordPress themes are way better than free themes regarding their features and functionalities. 
  2. The average cost of any premium WordPress theme can range from $30 to $70
  3. Exclusive WordPress themes stand perfect for businesses and agencies to rank their businesses, services, or websites on search engines.
  4. Licensing also significantly affects the pricing, along with features, support, and updates.


Exclusive WordPress themes are highly encouraged for businesses and agencies who want to rank themselves higher on search engines, get their customization power, and invest lesser capital for the workforce. Business owners can create the website per their preferences without opting for multiple human resources. Although the pricing appear slightly higher while purchasing, these themes can return all your investments and make much money beyond your assets in a long-term journey.
Therefore, the simple breakdown is that the expense and worthiness of any exclusive WordPress theme depend entirely on the user’s needs and features.

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