Published December 29, 2023

Advantages of Travel Marketplace Theme

Advantages of Travel Marketplace Theme

Tourism has undoubtedly become a highly demanded industry lately as more people regularly book trips and go for vacations. There are a lot of travel and tour operating websites in the market that travelers have to filter through before finding the most suitable vacation packages for themselves. WordPress theme market has a lot of travel marketplace themes. All these themes can be a great advantage in this competitive era of tourism.

Moreover, these themes are also helpful tools for anyone planning to start a tour listing business. With the travel market WordPress theme, many tour operators can list their packages on a single website. This  reduces the hassle for travelers to look for a favorable tour operating website.

How is Travel Marketplace different from Tour Booking WordPress theme?

If you search for themes suitable for tour operators in the WordPress theme market, you will be suggested two different types of themes: tour booking WordPress theme and Travel Marketplace theme. 

Although many people think these two are similar, these two have several significant differences. 

Travel Marketplace Theme

Travel Marketplace themes are multi-vendor-focused themes where tour operators can upload, market, and sell their services and tour packages under one website. 

The travel marketplace theme is a pre-designed layout, styles, and functionalities focused on the travel industry business. They are not dedicated to any specific travel agency; this is an online marketplace for many tour-operating companies.

Travel Marketplace Advantages


Travel Marketplace themes have several significant features that benefit the tour operator, especially those with less capital. Here are some of the essential features that the travel marketplace themes offer:

  1. Listing any tour agencies in the travel marketplace can leverage their visibility as it exposes the tour operators to the larger audience circle. Moreover, the customers of one travel agency can check out the services of various other tour operators available in the travel agency marketplace. 
  2. Travel Marketplace themes can also be cost-efficient for tour operators to list and promote their services. They can save their expenditures while developing a website, hiring multiple people, and marketing their brand or product. Tour operators can create accounts and list their services as travel marketplace themes and pre-built layouts for multivendor tour listing options.
  3. Websites designed with travel marketplace themes can also offer tour operators the feasibility of healthy competition. Travel agencies can take ideas from their competitors and provide customers with packages and offers that their competitors don’t include. 
  4. Tour agencies will also not have to worry about the payment procedure as it will be pre-built in the travel marketplace theme. Therefore, whenever any traveler quickly pays to the travel marketplace theme, the theme forwards it to the travel agencies.
  5. Travel Agencies can also access their analytics and other statistics rapidly, as most travel marketplace themes offer dashboards to each tour operator. Therefore, tour operators will not have the hassle of manual bookkeeping.

Tour Booking WordPress theme

Travel Booking WordPress themes are built specifically for the tour agency website. For example, you can use the tour booking theme if you have a tour-operating business and want to have your business website. The complete customization of the whole theme will be in the tour operators’ hands because they can create a website for one specific business with these themes.
With travel agency themes, tour operators can craft a website of their choice. This helps the website reflect their brand identity and customize colors, structures, and content per their brand and audience requirements.


Unlike the travel marketplace theme, tour booking themes consist of features dedicated to enhancing the specific tour agency website. Here are a few features of the best tour booking WordPress theme:

  1. Tour operating themes allow travel agencies to customize the website as per their interest and brand identity.
  2. Travel agencies can also easily uplift their business in search engines with these themes .
  3. Advancements and customizations are not limited because tour operators have full-fledged website control.
  4. Tour operators can work on their website’s SEO and take their services to the top spots of the search engine ranking pages. 
  5. The complete customization options are with the tour operators. Therefore, they can also select the payment methods, service locations, and every other feature.

Which one to choose?

Selecting one amongst the travel marketplace themes and tour-operating WordPress themes shall be accessible for tour operators. This selection entirely depends on the affordability, scale of services, marketing competencies, and similar other criteria set by the travel agencies. 

Tour operators with tight capital or those just starting with their services can create a profile on the travel marketplace and start their business. However, if tour operators want to develop their brand and looking for a solo website that can be customized whenever they need. In such case, they can select the tour booking WordPress theme. 

One of the significant reasons why tour operators opt for travel marketing themes rather than tour booking themes is because of the marketing cost and number of audiences.
Moreover, there are several more advantages of travel marketplace themes, which benefit the tour operators in both short-term and long-term business.

Advantages of Travel Marketplace themes

Advantages of Multivendor Travel Theme

Travel Marketplace themes can be of great benefit if chosen correctly. One of the significant advantages of these types of themes for tour operators is the exposure they get. Besides, here are a few more of the considerable advantages of travel marketplace themes:

New ideas and positive competition

One of the significant advantages of travel market WordPress themes is that the tour operators can look at their competitors and know what they lack or in which aspect they can work to enhance their business. This encourages positive competition between the travel agencies and helps them get benefitted.

Referrals and Upsells

For this, let us explain it to you with an example: Imagine that your travel agency has the Everest Base Camp trek, and another agency offers the Everest Expedition. In that case, you can refer your customers to that travel package if they are looking for an expedition, and the other agency can do the same with their customers. This helps both businesses gain more customers and leverage their overall revenue.

Easy and Accessible Payment Options

When a tour operating business is registered as a seller in the multivendor travel booking theme, the operators will not have to worry about looking for the payment gateways, configuring them, or anything else. The travel market theme will already have a payment gateway that people can use to pay for the tours they book, and later, that money will be forwarded to your bank account. 

Efficient Management tools

Most of the travel market WordPress themes come with pre-installed tools for analysis and management. Tour operators can track their sales, the number of people who booked the trip from their profile, and many other factors that affect their overall business. With all these being automatically available in the multivendor travel booking theme, tour agencies will have easy management and record-keeping accessibility. 

Marketing Benefits

How cost-effective is it if the theme itself markets your services or products? Travel marketing themes leverage marketing possibilities by exposing your business to many people. With this, a significant part of your marketing is done on a word-of-mouth basis. Therefore, travel marketplace themes can also leverage the marketing of any tour operating themes.


Travel Marketplace themes are advantageous for tour operators looking for a cost-effective business. With many benefits and features, a multivendor travel booking theme can be as beneficial as a premium WordPress theme. 

Are you new to the travel agency business and looking for the most cost-effective way to reach the maximum number of audiences? We recommend you choose the travel market WordPress theme. With so many advantages and budget feasibility, 

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