Published January 8, 2024

5 Best Premium Travel Agency Themes for 2024: Features and Pricing

5 Best Premium Travel Agency Themes for 2024: Features and Pricing

Are you a travel agency owner and wish to increase your business’s customers in 2024 significantly? Designing and developing a perfect website with premium travel agency themes greatly helps.

Too many travel agencies have already adapted to this trick and gained massive success in 2023, and you can do the same to increase your customers in 2024. As the quote goes, “It’s never too late to make a new start.” You can also start with a new website for your travel agency and take your business online to gain even more visitors, ultimately converting them into customers.

A website can be developed in various ways; some might be free (free themes from CMS), but some might cost a lot of money (hiring developers and designers). The free method does not cost money, but the features might be limited, whereas hiring developers allows you to add as many features as possible, but the expenditure is almighty.

In between these two ways, a third way offers many features and costs comparatively less money. This way is known as “using the premium travel agency themes.”

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What are Premium Travel Agency Themes?

Before that, what are travel agency themes? Travel Agency Themes are the pre-built or pre-designed templates that can be used to develop a full-fledged tour operating website by importing the data. WordPress offers two types of travel agency themes: free and paid. 

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So, Premium Travel Agency themes are those themes that need to be subscribed or bought to develop a travel booking website. These themes provide many more features than any free travel agency themes offer and cost significantly less than hiring developers and designers for website development.

Why Use Premium Travel Agency Themes in 2024?

As mentioned above, premium Travel Agency themes are more highly featureful and advantageous than the free ones. The tag “premium” refers to the premium or the top-notch features you can experience once you use these exclusive WordPress themes.

Talking about the pricing, these themes only cost around $50-$70 per month. However, the revenue a travel business can generate from these themes is impressive. 

Here are why tour operators should opt for premium travel agency themes in 2024:

Customization According to the Brand Identity

Premium WordPress themes offer website developers higher and enhanced customization options. This means the themes can be customized according to the brand identity and requirements. Besides, the customization options are also not limited.

This allows travel operators to splash the design and customization of their choice to the website with unlimited customization options.

More features to attract new customers and increase loyalty to the existing ones

When you use premium travel agency themes to develop your tour booking website, you will have many features and USPs to attract new customers. Moreover, constantly providing exciting features can enhance loyalty to old or existing customers. 

You can promote, advertise, and market your brand-new website and its features on social media to increase the new customer count in 2024.

Be a Developer of Your Own

Imagine developing a complete website on your own without wasting tons of time and money to get new developers. With premium travel agency themes, you can create a full-fledged and functioning travel agency website on your own.

You might think that even the free themes can help develop a website on your own, but what is the need for the premium themes? However, remember there is a vast difference between building a website and a “website that customers or visitors love.” If you wish to develop the second type of website, go for the premium travel booking themes.

Updates Incoming? Need not to worry about

Unlike many free themes, premium travel agency themes are adaptive to updates and changes. Keep updating your website or theme repeatedly to give it a better appearance and love and loyalty from the customers. 

Moreover, you do not have to poke your developers or web development agencies whenever you need any updates because, with premium travel agency themes, you are the master of your website.

Want to Rank Higher in Search Engines? These themes got you covered

Ranking higher on Search Engines like Google is becoming more complicated for travel agency websites. However, premium travel agency themes intensely focus on SEO and have essential SEO tools pre-installed for the users. 

Some travel themes also come with footer sections and blog pages dedicated to SEO. All these features decrease the hassle of SERP race to the website.

5 Best Premium Travel Agency Themes to Use in 2024

Using premium travel agency themes to develop your tour operating websites in 2024 can be highly beneficial. Moreover, these themes can also take your travel agency to the next level within just a few months.
Here are five of the best premium travel agency themes to use in 2024:

Emprise - Tour Booking WordPress theme

Emprise travel agency theme

The Emprise tour booking WordPress theme is one of the best themes available. The theme comprises many travel-specific features that make the website more feasible for users and customers. 


  • The tour listing option is on the front end for the vendors.
  •  Smart search tabs above the product page for enhanced package search.
  •  The footer section is dedicated to better SEO performance.
  •  Multiple payment acceptance accessibility with multi-language and multi-currency support. 
  •  One-click demo import option to develop a website within 5 minutes.


The Emprise tour booking WordPress theme is comparatively cheaper as per the features that it provides. You can subscribe to this premium travel WordPress theme for just $69.

Love Travel by Nicdark

Love Travel Theme

Love Travel is another outstanding premium travel agency theme that can enhance your tour booking business in 2024. This theme is available in Envato Market, where you can check the demo and also buy the theme. 


  • The Love Travel theme is compatible with WordPress MultiLingual Plugin.
  •  This theme also supports multiple payment options and multi-currency.
  •  WooCommerce is integrated with the theme to provide a smooth and easy booking flow.
  •  There is a separate page for shopping or product listing.


The Love Travel theme is also affordable for travel businesses, as you can subscribe to the regular license of this theme at just $54.  

SetSail - Travel Agency Theme

SetSail Theme

SetSail Travel Agency theme is available in the ThemeForest, with a rating of 4.08. Besides, many agencies have already used the theme as the total number of sales of this theme is 1,882 in ThemeForest.


  • The theme is highly customizable and consists of a dynamic admin interface. 
  •  SetSail is also highly SEO-optimized and provides four variations of the footer section for link building.
  •  This travel agency theme includes a dynamic blog section with multiple sidebar options.
  •  SetSail is a translation-ready theme with WPML plugin compatibility.


Even though the SetSail theme has features similar to the themes mentioned above, the pricing is above average. Tour operators can subscribe to this theme on Themeforest for $85.


Entrada Theme

Entrada is a perfect travel agency theme for tour operators looking to build a modern website. This theme has a straightforward yet beautiful design that is enough to grasp the attention of travelers. In the era of aesthetic designs, Entrada can be a winning choice for tour booking websites.


  • The Entrada travel booking theme consists of several premium travel-specific plugins.
  •  You can develop the website instantly with Entrada’s one-click demo import feature.
  •  You can access over eight homepages by subscribing to the Entrada travel booking theme.
  •  Unique tour detail pages for every tour listed on the website.


Entrada certainly is an action-packed theme for travel agencies, but the pricing of this exceptionally featureful travel booking theme is unbelievably affordable. Tour operators must spend just $65 to subscribe to the regular license. However, the theme currently offers its standard license at just $32.

Voyage-Travel Theme

Voyage Theme

The Voyage Travel is another splendid premium travel agency theme in 2024. With eye-catching designs and exceptional features, the Voyage premium travel theme gives your travel booking website an exciting and attractive look.


  • The Voyage theme contains seven fantastic font icon sets you can choose from.
  •  This theme is integrated with WooCommerce, WPML, Contact Form 7, and many other essential plugins.
  •  This premium travel theme also has Anchor link functionality for one-page sites.


By spending $79, you can buy the Voyage Travel Agency theme’s regular license, which is available in ThemeForest.

Which Premium Travel Agency Theme is Perfect for your business?

This question arises in every tour operator’s mind once they see many options in the theme market. However, selecting the perfect theme for your business entirely depends on the theme’s appearance, features, and pricing. Also, your brand or business requirement is another significant factor when selecting any premium travel agency themes in 2024.

Final Words

If you go through the theme market, you will undoubtedly find a lot of free and premium travel agency themes from which you can choose. However, you must be careful while selecting the best and the most useful theme for your travel booking business. 

With a good theme, you can impress both humans (potential customers) and search engines (medium to take you to the potential customers.) Selecting any of the abovementioned themes can take your travel agency to the next level by increasing its online presence.

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