Published December 27, 2023

Top-Notch WordPress Themes: Best Features They Have

Top-Notch WordPress Themes: Best Features They Have

Are you looking forward to developing a website for your business using CMS (Content Management System) platforms? WordPress is one of the best website development CMSs in the market. WordPress offers several free and premium WordPress themes to make your website-building journey as simple and convenient as possible. 

Using these themes to build a website can leverage your productivity, simplify tasks, and make the development process faster and cheaper. Free and premium themes can be useful, but free themes have less development flexibility than top-notch WordPress themes. So, if you are looking for a more flexible and featureful website development with WordPress, subscribing to the superior-grade WordPress themes can be the best thing you can do.

What are the best Top-notch WordPress themes in 2024?

Several WordPress themes in the WordPress theme market offer the best features and flexibility to develop a perfect website. Here is the list of some of the premium WordPress themes to be used in 2024:


Astra theme

Astra is one of the best top-notch WordPress themes that has been popular amongst WordPress developers for a long time. More than two million websites use the Astra theme, providing exceptional features to developers at the most affordable pricing rates. 


The Astra theme comes with outstanding features and offers a friendly and efficient environment for the development process.

  1. Astra is one of the lightest themes in WordPress, as it requires just 50 KB of resources.
  2. The load time of this WordPress theme is just 0.5 seconds with default WordPress data (may vary as per the data you use.)
  3. The theme has ready-made templates for building a simple or complex website.


The Astra WordPress theme has three pricing modules, but the price range can vary as per the subscription term and number of websites.

The subscription charges start from $49 (Astra Pro for one website and annual subscription term) to $1399 (Business Toolkit for 1000 websites and lifetime subscription term).


Divi WP theme

Divi is another top-notch WordPress theme that has recently gaining popularity among WordPress developers. With multiple templates, exceptional features, and decent pricing, Divi has become a perfect theme for developing websites with visual editors rather than the WordPress post editor. 


The Divi Premium WordPress theme has several features that can easily enhance the website development journey. Here are some of Divi’s best features that we have listed:

  1. The Divi theme replaces the WordPress Post Editor with a superior visual editor
  2. Developers can easily save and manage any design and use it to design another page.
  3. The theme also supports schema markup that helps the website in Search Engine Optimization.


You can subscribe to the Divi theme in two terms: annually and lifetime.

The price of this theme starts from $49 per year (on an annual subscription) to $729 per year (on a lifetime subscription).

All these themes have helped many businesses enhance their online presence and generate higher traffic to their website. 


Premium WordPress theme

If you are looking for the best tour booking WordPress theme, Emprise is the best option. This theme comprises all the features required to design and develop the best tour booking website.


As mentioned above, the Emprise theme consists of all the features you can expect from a tour booking theme travelers love. Here are the most significant features that Emprise consists of:

  1. Once a vendor signs in, they can add any tour listing directly from the front end.
  2. The Emprise premium tour booking WordPress theme also provides tour operators with a detailed itinerary section that consists of map integration.
  3. This theme also offers the Email Notification Config feature that helps tour operators send automated mail to customers as soon as they finish the booking process.


The Emprise tour booking theme is one of the most affordable travel booking themes, comprising all the premium features for tour operator websites.

You can subscribe to this theme at the minimum pricing option of $69 (Regular license with six months’ support) or $2500 per year (Extended license with six months’ support). Also, you can get the theme for 12 months of support. However, that is a little more expensive than the six-month support option.

We have only listed three of the top-notch WordPress themes here. Still, several other themes on the market can enhance your website development journey and help your business acquire the highest organic traffic and conversion rate.

What features set the Top-Notch WordPress themes apart from any other themes?

Features of Top-Notch WordPress theme

You have already gone through three top-of-the-line WordPress themes and their features. The features listed in those themes sum up all the features of the premium-grade WordPress themes. However, several more features set the best top-notch WordPress themes apart from others.

  1. SEO-Best Practices: The best WordPress themes are designed to be optimized for search engines. Their size, load speed, image optimization, responsiveness, and header distributions are all perfectly aligned to leverage the SEO ranking of the websites they develop.
  2. Up-to-date with time: If you subscribe to the best premium WordPress themes, you will not have to worry about regular updates and maintenance. Themes like Emprise are regularly updated along with the updates in plugins, changes in search engine ranking criteria, or even the minute details.
  3. Customization-friendly: High-quality premium WordPress themes are highly customization-friendly. You can customize the themes according to your brand’s identity and give your website the appearance and features that perfectly reflect your brand’s identity and how it solves the audience’s search queries.
  4. Value for Money: One of the best things about premium WordPress themes is that you get value for the money you spend on the theme. The word “Premium” automatically says that the themes are expensive, but if they make your development process more accessible and help you save time while crafting the best website. Therefore, value for money is also one of the best features of premium WordPress themes.
  5. Support from the team: When you spend money and get any WordPress theme, you also get the technical and developmental support you need to design the website perfectly so that it stands out from the competition and answers the queries of your potential customers. For example, if you subscribe to the premium version of the Emprise theme, the Emprise team will support your development process.

Choosing between Free and Premium WordPress themes

Free VS Paid WP theme

Here, we are not saying that free WordPress themes are not recommended. However, it entirely depends upon the nature of the website that you are developing. For example, if you are creating a personal portfolio or blog website, you can go for the free WordPress themes. 

However, if you are going for a business website agency website or have sufficient investment and want to stand out from the online competition, we recommend you to go for the high-end WordPress themes for the best result and outstanding features. 

Nevertheless, if you opt for the paid or top-notch WordPress theme, thoroughly research and check every feature, go through different tutorial videos and case studies, or study the theme before completing the transaction process.


To conclude the article, top-notch WordPress themes are much more featureful than free versions. However, before selecting and using the themes, you must conduct proper research and understand whether the themes match your brand’s requirements.

There are a lot of WordPress themes in the market. Nevertheless, if you check out all the features mentioned in this article and tally them with your brand’s requirements and ease of use, you will undoubtedly be rewarded with top-notch WordPress themes.

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